Aeotec Smart Switch 6

Hi Folks!

I’m not at a spot to copy paste some code I had into here (will update later) - however I haven’t been successful in getting the LED mode to change on the energy switch… It’s super bright at night, and I’d love to change it to a different mode.

I’ve seen docs of the parameters around, and haven’t had any luck updating them in a new device type. (Parameter example

Has anyone had any luck with this device?


I was trying to do so without luck before leaving for My vacation and currently use it as a night light! Seriously! They are super bright and also has a night light mode too… Currently gets added as a zwave metering switch unless a newer device type is written. Calling out @duncan!

Just put out my first version for this device

I will be adding dimming preferences. In the meantime you can set the LED behavior with the LED Behavior preference I created. 0 stays on with the outlet and changes color according to amp draw, 1 shows the status for 5 seconds then goes dark and 2 stays in night light mode. I will be adding dimmers for all modes soon.

enjoy and feedback is appreciated.

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Thank you! :slight_smile: This looks fantastic so far. I’ll be playing with it this weekend.

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