Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.52.21

Morning @S.F.B

We have two v2 Hubs and two v3 Hubs that survived the update, with all of our (many) Z-Wave Devices functioning smoothly.

That being said, we had an odd Z-Wave issue a while back which we were able to resolve, after first trying the typical Repair Z-Wave Network, and Power-Cycle of Hub & Modem and (seemingly) impacted specific Z-Wave Devices.

Even after rebooting the Hub and the impacted Z-Wave Devices, there can still be a Mesh Network of other Z-Wave Devices that lives on behind the scenes, continuing their lines of communication, never getting the proper message from the Mother Ship/Hub. While in “theory”, repairing the Z-Wave Network “should” do the trick, this Mesh Network, like any Network or Electronic Device, sometimes needs a Power-Cycle to completely refresh/reset it.

If you have a limited “known” number Z-Wave Devices, start here for a Surgical Strike. If your Z-Wave Network is vast and you’re not quite sure where all of your Z-Wave Devices are located, consider the expanded method. Of course, read the whole post for context of the problem/behavior we were experiencing and the step/by/steps.