Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.50.10

Blinking Blue indicates:

There is no Ethernet or WiFi connection. This can happen if you allow Smart Home Hub to timeout its setup process.

Simply unplug your hub, and then re-plug your hub. If using WiFi, try connecting it to Ethernet.

→ try the last item :slight_smile: if using wifi, switch to ethernet or if using ethernet switch to wifi.

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Last time our Hubs updated (to 49.9), I did not see the new Firmware Version in the Hub/Information Card, until after I manually rebooted the Hub.

To anyone with the new 50.10… did you have to reboot the Hub to see the new version ?

I have received all updates without manual reboot.
My V2 gets updates near the end of the update window.


@Katcher29 Just to follow up - you should contact ST support. The combination red/green blinking to blinking blue sounds suspicious - almost like the hub was reset (a guess on my part) but Support can help determine your issue.

Thank you. The hub is now green, but all zwave devices are “offline”

Try preforming a Z Wave repair from

No luck on the repair. It is not isolated to 1 brand. All my zwave items are impacted

nope. one of my five hubs has 50 now.
but of course the hub reboots itselve. (was offline a while)

during the update, yes. mine was, minimum 5 minutes. (edit: one minute)

When in doubt, REBOOT (power-cycle) YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE…

Read the first post… I tried Z-Wave Network Repair multiple times, Pulled Batteries from impacted Z-Wave Locks, Power-Cycled Hub & Modem, etc. It wasn’t until I did these steps that it all came back instantly


Where can I find my hub’s version?

I may be behind but did anyone notice Smartthings Station is also on firmware 50.10?

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(if you are not at home :slightly_smiling_face:)

4 of my 5 hubs are still 49. Only 1 v2 in Holland has 50 now…
Just be patient and wait?

I would give a kingdom for a Station, but in Holland…

How I agree with this. Also service via co.UK was fast and perfect, considering the fact that I really had problems. I think ST has a great future.

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Interesting! My Station and Dongle are both still on 47.X. I still find it annoying Station firmware announcements aren’t put on the status site like V2 and V3.


Out of curiosity, have you checked that against other sources, such as the mobile app?

It is just that the ST Station has a hub ID similar to my V2 hubs with a ‘Physical Graph Corporation’ OUI, whereas the V2 hub has an ID with a ‘SmartThings, Inc.’ OUI. My brain desperately wants them to be the other way around and would like the web app to have got really confused. I rather doubt that it has.

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Oh well, I’ll have to cope with it looking strange then.


Anyone have an idea when this will roll out to the western US? My v2 hub is still stuck on “000.049.00009” no matter how many times I reboot or power cycle. Is there really no other way to coax this thing into pulling the update… the official answer is “just wait longer”???