Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.46.08

Not sure but I think that sunrise/sunset requires the SmartWeather tile DTH to be installed.

@JDRoberts do you know how the SmartThings hub gets local sunrise/sunset times now?

Doesn’t appear that its required as I removed mine a while back and my sunset/sunrise routines have been working fine before and after FW update.


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Screenshot attached. If I change from set hour to sunset/sunrise it doesn’t work.

have you powered off the hub since the update… possible that may have effected the time?

the need for SmartWeather was removed ages ago

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Still can’t save routines, app still crashes

Pretty sure some of my routines don’t work either.
Just there, my driveway Arlo cam had motion alert, I only knew this because the Arlo app notification came up on my phone as I was on it, it should have switched on my little bedroom light, it didn’t.
Here we go. :frowning:

EDiT. Looks like Arlo integration is screwed again. Great.

So that’s in Smart lighting.

Have you tried doing it in a Routine?

Good to know! I had left the DTH because I didn’t want to break my sunset automation or some others that have sunset/sunrise pre-conditions!

So maybe its not just me… Last week I finally completed the migration of everything off of DTH’s. The only thing that auto-upgraded to Edge was a supported Zigbee switch. Everything else I have current is from Aqara… and those look great.

The loss of IFTTT is a bit annoying…took me a while to figure out that I needed to remove the IFTTT DTH in order to get rid of all the DTH stuff, as the IFTTT DTH would recreate all the devices linked to it.

The Edge versions of TP-Link plus is intriguing, the energy monitoring part being visible now might mean I might move some to other locations where I could do some energy usage based automations. Wonder if SONOFF S40 WiFi plugs could be supported this way. Apparently, only the Lite (no energy monitoring) versions are available in Zigbee…

Had everything mostly working on Sunday…including some weird workarounds, virtual momentary in ST, triggers an Alexa routine that calls IFTTT when then using query/filtering finishes with calls into ewelink… (though switched a plug to Smart Life, and IFTTT activates a scene or other to control the plug, since the plug only supports Alexa/Google… using IFTTT to apply weekday/weekend, time of day conditions…) Lot’s of insanity… oh yeah, some of the input conditions are local webhooks … handled in ST…might have to look at an external webhook provider…

…but then everything was broken on Monday…and getting worse. All my virtuals have stopped working, along with Sunrise/Sunset things. I have a lot of Virtuals…(72 switches, 100 momentaries, 2 contact switches, 3 dimmers). Rebooting my Hub didn’t help any…though did see that it had picked up this release at some point…

There was some growth in virtuals due to changes in “Smart Lighting”. Got three devices that only sync their clocks on boot…that drift. When I only had two machines, I’d reboot them once a week to pull them back… but the 3rd machine drifts even worse and runs fast. But, reboots are hard on the mechanicals (manufacturer strongly recommends a UPS, though these machines are for medication compliance…) So, I had a virtual switch with a power allowance of 8630 minutes to control when to reboot one of the machines, and later would’ve had one with 7190 minutes. But, the new “Smart Lighting” caps the ‘allowance’ to 1440 minutes…so sequence of switches…which does give me a visual indication of when the next reboot will be (though I also have USB lights that come on the let me know when a machine has been rebooted, since sometimes the mechanical side needs another reboot to correctly reset.)

This is my 3rd time doing automation of an independent living apartment…


Wow, that’s complicated! You didn’t hit the 200 device maximum per location? (It counts all devices of any protocol, including virtual devices). Or are you using multiple “locations“ as well?

Using Alexa to get to Ifttt is interesting. That’s a definite field tech sort of approach. :wink:

I like aqara devices used with their own camera hub and HomeKit. I never had any luck getting them to stay stable in a smartthings environment. But then that’s been true of a lot of things in a smartthings environment. :thinking:

Were you using an edge Driver for the virtual devices? And if so, which one?

I keep seeing this and I’m confused. I have 424 devices in a single location.

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I wonder if they increased it? They increased the maximum routines from 200 to 1000 about six weeks ago with no public announcement.

@Automated_House might know.

I haven’t heard any official comment from Samsung about the limit. But I can no longer find any mention of it on the SmartThings support site. Maybe the recent changes to the mobile apps to update status in the background removed the need for the limit.

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I just know I have been over 200 for a very long time.

I seem to remember some limit in the Android app? I’m on iOS and have never seen a constraint on number of devices.

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Swiping left or right to a room with 10 or more devices is horribly jerky on my Galaxy S10, definately not what you would call smooth, same for scrolling in a room with a lot of devices, jerky

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