Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Hotfix Notes - 0.45.11

We will begin rolling out Samsung SmartThings Hub hotfix version 0.45.11 starting Monday, October 31. Once downloaded, your Hub will briefly go offline as it reboots and applies the update; most customers will experience less than one minute of downtime. We will update the status page when the release is complete.

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub v3)
  • Aeotec Smart Home Hub

Release Date: 31 October 2022 ~ 3 November 2022

Note that we may release this hotfix earlier than the above date to hubs that we have identified as experiencing degraded performance which is expected to be resolved with this release.

Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where ZigBee is stuck in an offline state until the hub is rebooted
  • Resolved a known issue where customers with Sonos devices were experiencing frequent Hub reboots
  • Set the default reportable change for Zigbee Power Meter devices to 5 instead of 1 to reduce event noise

I understand the need for urgency, but taking people’s hubs off-line on Halloween in the US may affect both holiday displays and security use cases. :jack_o_lantern::ghost::ghost::ghost:


Mine’s been down for three days already, a few more won’t hurt at this point!

Anyone know how to force this update via the app or API webpage? I am currently remote so I cannot reboot by unplugging power. Apologies in advance if I missed this.

You can’t. Hub updates are sent out from the platform. You can’t schedule them or delay them. Or get them on demand.

You can ask support if they can push yours out early, but no guarantees.

For the future, you might consider plugging your hub into a Wi-Fi plug that is also accessible from a different platform so you always have a way to reboot the hub remotely.

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That’s a bit frustrating I can’t update on demand. Seems like an opportunity there.
I did find a way to reboot remotely via the API webpage (Hub Utilities), but it’s not forcing the update as I hoped.

I will contact support in hopes I can get priority as it will save me about 120 miles round trip. Thanks for the assistance!

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And, before I hit send to SmartThings support, my hub firmware is now updated to 000.045.00011 and all seems stable! :slight_smile:

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I may be mistaken, but isn’t that the IDE page from the old architecture? That will be going away once the transition to the new architecture is complete.

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You are correct. That’s unfortunate because I find it very valuable to manage my devices (especially removal). Will there be the same functionality in another location/site?

So far, not in one place, but quite a few of the features are in different places. See the following topic, you might want to ask your question there. Be specific.

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers


Sure that update works ? It was installed yesterday . This morning all Zigbee devices are down. This is the second time in a few weeks? What is Smartthings doing ???

Edith: after Hub restart most devices are online again. But doesn’t matter. All Zigbee was down this morning


Same here I’ve received the update but ZigBee devices still disconnecting and slow response times locally. Had to reboot hub twice today


Since this update from 0.45.09 to 0.45.11 I can’t use bathroom lights anymore. I use an Eco-Dim.10 Zwave. How can I go back to firmware version 0.45.09?

Unfortunately, the firmware can not be downgraded.

Try powering off the device for a few seconds (at the switch?) to see if that might resolve the issue… if you haven’t already tried.

  • I did powering off the device multiple times.
  • Even power down the dimmer switch multiple times
  • ReĂŻnstall the dimmer switch.
    It works one time and then the dimmer switch is offline. A network failure. When I power down the dimmer switch its works one time and then is going wrong again.
    Its best practice to downgrade firmware when an update won’t work. Now I can manage the lights. This is very annoying
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Seems like the Firmware update hasn’t resolved the issues. I’m now on 0.45.11 but still have multiple devices not connecting and/or dropping offline on a very regular basis. Rebooting resolves the issues for an hour maybe two. But that’s about it.


Exact same issue here. I would even say it is getting worser now since latest firmware upgrade 0.45.11
What is happening Samsung?
Who should we adress this to? @nayelyz

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Good morning my Aeotec Smart Home Hub has updated to version 045.11 . But the updated made my hub worse. It remains unstable. Routines are not running properly or are delayed by more than 30 minutes, or not at all. The HUB is offline all the time. The app is also unstable. It’s been two days since you updated to version 0.45.11 and nothing solves the problems, it just got worse. Even if restarting the hub (turning off and on again) partially solves it, but hours later it gets worse, the hub has a blue light all the time, making it impossible to run automations and routines. Please help to solve the problem with my hub the Hub is all the time in blue light (offline). I’m completely frustrated with these hub issues. What is the solution to the problem? Please pay attention to these issues.


The right thing to do is roll back to the pre-Thread / Matter release, 44.0009. There are zero Thread or Matter devices out in consumer’s hands so they’d be hurting nobody by doing that. Clearly the Thread / Matter integration needs much more development and testing.


Devices on one of my hubs have started to go offline and not responding. Rebooting hub seemed a temporary fix, but the device when offline again after a couple of hours.
Surely Samsung should fix these issues or roll back the firmware much quicker than waiting for days!!! Would be nice if we could refuse firmware updates just being pushed out to our hubs when ever they feel like it.