Aeotec Plug Outlet

I have some Aotec plug outlets and one SmartThings plug outlet and since Tuesday I have not been able to control them through the App. They also do not work through an Automation.

They operate normally if I operate them manually and none of them show any errors or unavailable in either the app or if I log in online to the backend. For instance I have one named Kitchen Cupboard Strip and online it shows last activity being about 5 minutes ago (when I operated it manually) and status online.

Have there been any updates recently? And how do I resolve this?

Hi Mavis

I don’t have the Aotec plugs but my SmartThings outlet is still working as expected.
Hub Firmware Version 000.020.00017
Socket Firmware Version: 0x30065310

Things that may or may not help.

  • Assuming you have completely removed power from the outlets and then plugging it back in, might be worth a shot if not.
  • Check the device type allocated to the outlets is correct on the web site, my SmartThings outlet has a DTH of “SmartPower Outlet”, though there are others in my list SmartPower Outlet V1 and SmartPower Dimming Outlet, not sure if they work or not.
  • Does anything show in the Live Logging tab when you try to operate them from the SmartThings App or some automation routine runs. That may point to the issue.
  • Lastly, I find that sometimes the easiest thing is to completely remove a device and then re add it back in to SmartThings, Resetting it if it is appropriate. May be worth trying that for one of the devices?

Hopefully one of the above helps.

Thanks nuttersrest, I needed some logic to follow before going all out and resetting. I am going to follow it through but firstly here are my stats:
Hub Firmware Version 000.020.00017 (the same as yours.)
Starting with my SmartThings socket first. Mine says SmartPower Outlet.
SmartThings Socket Firmware Version: Current Version: 0x30015310
Target Version: 0x30065310
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2018-02-18 2:51 PM GMT - Check Now

I can operate the socket manually and that shows in the app instantly but nothing in the Live Logging. If I use the app to turn it on or off it says ‘Turning Off’ or ‘Turning On’ but does not do anything or show in the live logging.
So at a first guess my firmware is out of date - I wonder if there was a hub or app update last Tuesday and as my socket firmware is not up to date it has stopped working?

The hub update to 20.17 was supposed to be between 1st Feb 2018 and 2nd Feb 2018, well at least that’s what the email I received said. No guarantees that’s when it actually happened though, i don’t keep that close an eye on the updates as they have been fairly stable for me.

As my device is working, then getting your Smartthings Outlet on the latest firmware should not do any harm.
I have never manually updated the power outlet and don’t know how to, so assume it has been doing it over the air. The SmartThings outlet is a ZigBee device and has the ability to do over the air firmware updates.

Would remove power from smart outlet.
On the web site
Go to My Hubs
In the page that is open, select View Utilities
Under the ZigBee Utilities.
Select the “Allow OTA” option
Select the “Allow Unsecure Rejoin (Most Compatible)” option. May help to troubleshoot if it is still not working.

Plug the power outlet back in and power on, don’t connect any thing to it. (hopefully that should speed up update).

No idea how long it will take, go and have a cuppa or a large glass of red. :slight_smile:

For the Aotec devices, if you need to update the firmware, I think they are ZWave devices, which does not at the moment support OTA updates. So you will need to go to the Aotec Website and follow the instructions to update.

Well that was strange. I spent all day yesterday trying to get things working but to no avail and ended up deleting one of my Aeotec outlets and could not get it reconnected. I installed a custom device handler but still nothing. I didn’t get the SmartThings outlet working either and it still hasn’t updated the firmware.

Got up this morning and all my Dots needed reconnecting to the wifi (and my iphone had rebooted).

Got in this evening to try again and lo and behold the outlets are now working.

The date in the settings online showing the last Hub boot was 1/2/18 (when we last had a power cut) but presumably I must have had a router outage of some sort which must have somehow reset my outlets.

At least it is back online again, a bit frustrating though.
Has the firmware on the smarthings outlet update to the latest now?

No, still showing:
Current Version: 0x30015310
Target Version: 0x30065310
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2018-02-20 7:11 PM GMT - Check Now

Did you enable Over The Air Updates (OTA)?

I thought I had but now I am not so sure. I can’t tell from the section below. I will try it again to make sure.

EDIT - just noticed the link - Retrieve Current Setting and clicked on it and it says it is disabled. So will change the setting.

Network Security
Disable Unsecure Rejoin (Most Secure)
Allow Unsecure Rejoin (Most Compatible)
Retrieve Current Setting
ZigBee OTA
Disable OTA
Allow OTA
Allow OTA for lights
Retrieve Current Setting

Sorted, the ST outlet is now updated.