Aeotec Nano Single Switch

i bought Aeotec Nano Single Switch. can some one help with pairing.


What kind of help do you need? Pairing should be pretty straightforward if you read the manual.

I tried pairing in Add a Thing but i can not find the device. it keeps searching.

Did you put the device into pairing mode as well by clicking the physical button on the device?

The retailer you linked to is in New Zealand. The product page itself doesn’t specify which z-wave region that specific version of the device falls under.

Z-wave operates on different frequencies in different regions, so the US version of the device isn’t the same as the EU version, or the Russian version, or the Australian version, etc.

Did you buy the device from that retailer? Does the device itself have a label on it that specifies which z-wave frequency it’s on?

Are you in New Zealand? If so, which SmartThings hub are you using? ST doesn’t make a hub with z-wave radio that works on the Australia/New Zealand frequency.

As you can see, it’s not possible to help you without more information than what you’ve provided :slight_smile:

i have tried with switch on and off.
model number is ZW116-B ( 921.42MHz )
z-wave frequency is 921.42MHz
i bought Samsung SmartThing hub through online store

So with zwave plus and especially aeotec the pairing process can be a bit more temperamental if its trying secure pairing. Have you tried getting the hub right next to the device? I had to do so as described here.

Well there you go.

The SmartThings hub supports the North American and European z-wave frequencies. That’s 908 and 868 MHz, respectively.

If your device’s z-wave radio is on 921 MHz, then it won’t work with either version of the ST hub. Sorry.

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My understanding is that z-wave plus is much better about pairing in place than previous versions of Z-wave.

I don’t know for sure if that applies to secure pairing though. @JDRoberts would you mind clarifying?

Regardless, that’s not the problem in OP’s case.

Zwave plus per se isn’t usually the problem, but Aeon Labs’ implementation of secure pairing (they were one of the first manufacturers to use it) is often fiddly. Once you get. It paired It’s usually fine, though, so I wouldn’t give up the benefits of zwave plus just for that reason.

Never said give up anything, just providing evidence based (my own experience) insight into a possible cause of this specific incident :wink: One in which the consensus is that temperamental pairing issues are common.

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Thanks Marktheknife.
I will have to look for a new hub that works with New Zealand z-wave frequency.
Any one know of any other good hub that will work in NZ.

Go to the official Z wave alliance site and you can see all the Z wave products that have been certified for any given region. So go to the Australia/New Zealand section and look at gateway coordinators.

There aren’t many, but zipabox, homeseer, and vera do make Controller devices on that frequency. All three are pretty popular with users who are highly technical. Vera and homeseer have somewhat more active English language forums if that matters to you.

I should clarify that the SmartThings hub supports North American or European z-wave frequencies. Two different versions of the hub. What I wrote above implies that a single hub can support either.

Good luck finding a z-wave controller that works for you in New Zealand.