Aeotec Nano Shutter - Edge Driver

I just installed a new Aeotec Nano Shutter device and was not aware of new devices being installed as Edge Drivers instead of the old DTH until today…

I’m having trouble getting the new Edge driver to work with my Nano Shutter. It just shows as connected and doesn’t show the status or respond to open/close commands.

I’m frustrated that there doesn’t appear to be a way to force this device to install with the old DTH so I can just make it work and finish the installation of my powered awning window.

If anyone has any advice, that would be much appreciated.

Note: I have other AEOTEC Nano Shutter devices installed and working properly with the old Groovy DTH no problem.

Really? No one?

I have updated my Nano Shutter to 3.05 and the new edge driver. It responds to commands but also does not show any status.

@Adrenalin For me the old DTH also does not provide status of open close nor does the pause function work. Did you do something to make it work for you? Thanks.

I’m just using the built in Z-Wave Window Shade DTH for the working one.
I get open/closed status but the percentage slider doesn’t work.

As for the new one, I’m not getting any response whatsoever with the new edge driver…

My device says “controller version 2.3.3-2” in the app, maybe that’s why I’m having trouble?
@hatafal did you use the aeotec z-stick to update the firmware?

@Adrenalin Controller version is the same for me and yes used the z-stick Gen 5 for update was a bit cumbersome but worked.

Also driver is Z-Wave window treatment on the drive page. But when I log into the IDE I see stateless-curtain-power-button.

Same goes for the old DTH driver, if you look into the source code, the capability is not window-shade and window-shade-level but stateless-curtain-power-button and it has no level setting.

Is the Pause button working for you?

Here is the source: SmartThingsPublic/devicetypes/smartthings/zwave-basic-window-shade.src at master · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

And the edge driver profile: