Aeotec multi sensor 6 issue with USB ppwer

For some reason with th his update my multi sensor is plugged in to my tv but its showing up as running on battery. Going back I had the same issue & after a hub update, it was fixed. I believe after this update it changed it. The hub firmware is 32.10 & I’m using the samsung stock handle for my sensor. There is no custom dth installed. Anyone else having this issue.

Those devices report Their power method at the time they join the network and then that Setting remains even if you change it later.

I’m not sure why a firmware update would change it, but anything is possible. :thinking:

I would try just excluding and including the device again (while it is on mains power) and see if that fixes it.

Ok @JDRoberts I’ll try that. When I did set it up back in summer I batteries in it. I for what ever reason it did change over to battery after update & back to power after next update. With all these crazy updates anything is possible.

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