Aeotec Minimotes stopped working


I have often been confused by this and every time I have to redo my configuration I have to re learn. I find the best way to use it is start from the Marketplace/Smarttapps/Smart Lights. From there select what you want to control, ten what you want to do and from the how you want to trigger the action select the button controller. I hope this helps.

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Thanks, @dbellouny.

I’m not really having any problems controlling my devices w/the DTH…I actually am only using button presses to turn some lights on/off via the SmartThings Button app.

The minimotes are set up and work as desired. That’s good. :slight_smile: Now my family won’t come to me for lighting tech support if the internet goes out. :slight_smile:

What I am very confused about is the purpose of the four buttons listed on the main page of the Minimote DTH, and the Setup (gear icon) page of the Minimote. From my post here:

Neither screen has any clear function, looks like a WIP…

The native device handler is working. You just can’t use the individual button devices you must use the device itself and then choose a button. You can no longer remove the minimotes through the mobile app. You have to go to the IDE and delete the device. When you try to do it from the mobile app it says it removed a different device and there is no way to then remove it through the interface. Obviously still a work in progress. I have notified support on the interface bug.

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Thanks for passing the info about the ST button UI on, Darren…it’s a hot mess. :slight_smile: