Aeotec micro dimmer wire gauge

I am planning on installing some aeotec micro dimmers in order to remotely control my lights. The neutral wire in my house is at the light fixture so I am planning to install these at the fixture. The question I have is regarding the 18 gauge connections for the switch. I currently have 14 gauge Romex which runs from the light switch to the ceiling box and am wondering how I can connect this to the micro dimmer. Will I have to run 18 gauge wire from the switch to the ceiling junction or is there a way I can use my existing romex. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

The lower the wire gauge #, the higher the amount of power the wire can handle.

So for your setup you should be fine. I have not measured it but there is probably only a very small amount of power going through the cable to the switch for the aeon relay.

As always… if you are uncertain, consult an electrician to be safe.

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I bought (16ga, I think) and wired it to the micro. Then wire nutted that to the Romex leads coming from the switch. I wired it with no line power on the switches so felt safe hooking the 2 different gauge wires together using wire nuts.


Same thing I did with mine. No power to the switches.

I tried some bigger wire (I think 14 romex) direct to the micro and the wire whole would not take it so I did what folks above mentioned and did short jumper with 16 or 18 gauge flexible power cord like the cord used for a lamp or other plugged in device. It make it easy to connect and also helped with getting them into the box which you will find is a challenge no matter what.