Aeotec micro dimmer question about 3.5v port

If you look at the picture on amazon for the Aeotec Micro Dimmer there is a 3 volt output. Does anyone know if that output is a constant whether the switch is on or off? Curious if I could plug that to a USB and power an echo dot.

3v is below micro USB spec.

I expect it’s constant and low-capacity to power the Aeon-specific touchpad on/off switch . I would not expect to be able to supply 14watts? appx 5amps to power a Dot .

LOOKS LIKE the dot is about 8watts max during a call. Its adapter is stamped something about 14watts.

Yea it doesn’t look like it will power a DOT. That could have been a fun one. I found 110 ac to 5v dc converter on ebay for about $5. I figure I can run that in will into a light switch. Then use a flush mount for the echo dot.

That voltage is for an Aeotec touch switch/dimmer. It’s constant but not meant for other use. I think @Mike_Maxwell uses for other devices.

They aeons easily source enough current to run a battery sensor from it, which is what I’ve done with them.