Aeotec Indoor Siren 6 ZW164


I purchased this indoor siren to work with my SHM.

I can not get it to pair with my network… I have performed a reset (hold button for 20 seconds). When I try to add it, it’s not discovered. If I try manually there is no option for the Gen 6, only Gen 5. When in pairing mode I’ve tried depressing the button once and also three times but with no success.

Can anyone offer any advice?


When using the version 3 hub with the new mobile app it doesn’t put the hub into z-wave inclusion mode automatically so you have to add it manually by selecting the manufacturer and product.

If the device isn’t listed for a manufacturer, which the 6 won’t be because it’s not supported, then instead of choosing a manufacturer you need to use the generic z-wave device option.

To join the device you have to press the action button once and to exclude it you have to press it 6x quickly. It can sometimes take up to 1 minute to find it.

This device is practically useless without a custom handler so I recommend using this: