Aeotec hub detects 20-21 Lifx bulbs but drops 3 to offline state using ba Lan drivers

Not sure if I have the right space my brother convinced me to use an aeotec hub to connect my lifx to. I have about 21 bulbs it seems 2 or 3 keep falling off the hub. Lifx shows them connected just fine is this a limitation of the driver or the hub. I am using the ba LAN DRIVERS

Ai apologize in advance if I posted this wrong.(I’m a n00b)

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You can tell what edge driver you are using by going to the advanced page of the official web interface to your smartthings account:

Samsung account

Is it the same bulbs every time, or does it vary?

What was the reasoning behind the hub? Just asking because LIFX bulbs do not require a hub. They work right off your Wi-Fi network.

@JDRoberts Seems it’s the same bulb it’s BA LAN drivers

@eric182 Yes I’m well aware I have 21 of them I’m jut trying g it out it’s a ba Lan driver it’s just a way to have backup control during and internet outage just wondering if it’s a device count cap limitation of the hub

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While it’s true that using an edge driver (which requires a SmartThings hub) does allow a local connection to your LIFX bulbs, smartthings itself is still largely a cloud-based system.

Before we go too far down this path, are you aware that if the Internet is out you won’t be able to use the smartthings app at all? Even if your phone and the hub are on the same local network. Using the app always requires the smartthings cloud. They didn’t have to design it that way, but they did.

When you create a routine in the app, if it can run completely locally, it will have a little house symbol next to it. But there are quite a few things that can require the cloud even for a pre-built routine, such as using light groups.

So most people do not find smartthings to be a very satisfactory “Plan B“ for when the Internet is out. :thinking:

If that was your main reason for using the edge Driver, you may want to look at other options from other systems.

Next, the person who wrote the edge Driver you are using appears to have left the community all together. They have not been seen in this forum since last July. So, if it’s the edge driver that is the problem, and there have been some reports of it not working well anymore with some other brands, you may be out of luck on that. I haven’t seen anyone else working on a similar edge Driver for LIFX yet. But why don’t you try asking in the author thread for that edge Driver, and see if anyone else is either having a similar problem or knows a workaround.

TP-Link Kasa Edge Driver (also LIFX)

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more helpful to add right now. smartthings does have an ongoing issue with marking a number of devices off-line when they are really still online, but that shouldn’t affect locally connected Wi-Fi devices. There have been some recent issues with Phillips hue bulbs being marked offline incorrectly, but those work connected to a hue bridge, and that wouldn’t be affecting you.

Anyway, try the thread about the edge Driver, and see if anyone there knows anything. Assuming you think fixing this issue would still meet your longterm purpose, given smartthings’ own cloud dependencies.

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