Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen 5 composite DTH

There is an official integration you can use.
This forum and thread is for community made DTHs, there is no guarantee of quality control or documentation.
And most community made handlers do not require any license, except for those by ecomatiq or rboy.

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There’s some issue with the Smartthings app. After about two months of using this handler it displays the power usage and energy in “gigawatts” and “gigawatt-hours”. Is this a bug? How do i fix this?

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I’m facing same problem with no child device showing in new app, in classic app still works.
What exactly change is needed in code and how to do it?

Answer is in this thread:

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How do we reset KWH counter to zero in the new app ?

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I use WebCoRE to run the reset in the new app. The RESET function is present in the DTH, but its unreachable in the new app, so you can automate this using WebCoRE (as webcore can reach individual functions and commands that aren’t exposed in interface).

I am using the Aeotec Gen5 sensor and have successfully paired it with my hub and (it appears) the ClassicGOD device handler. I have made the tweaks discussed here to get the child process reporting on the SmartThings app (Android) and I’m getting regular updates now, which is GREAT.

All that being said, I’m relatively new to all this and am wondering why my screen looks nothing like the Aeotec HEM Gen5 screen shots others have posted. The only tiles I have are Energy consumption, Power meter, and Voltage. I don’t have the Sync or any of the other controls that appear in other screen shots I’ve seen.


Although I can manipulate all the settings discussed here, it doesn’t seem like I have the right version somehow? I did have the “stock” device handler installed first (thus the name Aeon Energy Monitor) but thought I had deleted it completely before reinstalling ClassicGOD.

Also, I was curious to know if or how I can get the app to show the graphs in smaller intervals than an hour or a day. I would really like to be able to track each device (eventually) like the Sense monitoring app shows, but it doesn’t appear that such an app exists yet for the Aeotec Gen5.

That’s how it is on the new app. I haven’t done anything other than fix the child devices. You don’t have all the features of the old app because it would require custom capabilities.

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Would you mind sharing what what you did in webcore to perform the reset?

I created this quick video setting up a reset on a Day 1 of each month reset: Reset kWh readings on HEM Gen5 with WebCoRE SmartThings - YouTube


  1. Open WebCoRE console
  2. Click on “New Piston”
  3. Click on “Create a blank piston”
  4. Add your name and piston name, then click “Create”
  5. Click on “+ Add a new statement”
  6. Click on “Add an If”
  7. Click on “Add a condition”
  8. Change these values:
  • “Physical Device” to “Variable”
  • “Nothing Selected” to “$day”
  • “Select a comparison” to “is equal to”
  • Set Compare to value to “1”
  1. Click on “Add”
  2. Under Then, click on “+ add a new statement”
  3. Click on “Add an action”
  4. Change Location to “Home Energy Meter Gen5” in this video mine is called “Aeon Energy Monitor”
  5. Click on “Add a task”
  6. Click on “Please select a command” and use “device Reset”
  7. Click on “Add”
  8. At the top right hand corner, click on “Save”

So simple, thanks for the detailed instructions!

Did you get any solution on this?

I also get zw:Ls type:3101 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:1.05 zwv:4.54 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,56,98,5A sec:32,60,8E,70,59,85,7A,73 epc:3
when trying to add it in secure mode.

I created a custom capability for amps, however it seems to me the numbers simply don’t add up. This should show .54 amps. Is there an issue with this device?

Edit: the readings seem more accurate on clamp 2 than clamp 1, so I’m wondering if my clamp or device is in fact defective. They’re still off, but only by a few points on clamp 2.

You can test my DTH for yourself here:

Yes! Thank you! I have wanted to be able to monitor amps without having to calculate it myself :slight_smile:

Excellent work!

Let me know if it’s accurate for you, for me I am having issues as I said, it should be W = VA, but you can clearly see my clamp 1 is way off and clamp 2 a little off.

I have a ticket in with aeotec, but I need more users to test it also.

All I did was replace the original current attribute with a new one made using the CLI, otherwise the code is identical, so this could be a hardware issue.

OK - I have only switched the main, and not the clamps themselves, but will manually calculate throughout the day to see if it is accurate per the watts and volts also being reported.

I think you have to switch all of them for it to work properly. In fact you need to delete and remake the child devices.

Aeotec seems to recommend disabling threshold based reporting, and setting it to report the voltage, amps, watts, and kWh for clamp 1+2+total every 300 seconds to avoid sync issues and overflowing the network.