Aeotec HEM Gen5 - Daily/Monthly Electric Usage Reporting


I am a previous webcore/smartthings user and took a break from home monitoring for a couple of years. I am getting back into it and I am noticing that the entire user interface/integration for smartthings/webcore has changed and I am not even sure webcore is a thing anymore.

I used to be able monitor my hvac system with the “Aeotec HEM Gen5” and send an email at the end of ever day showing me how much electrical usage my hvac system used.

( Example below)

The 2nd Floor HVAC ran for 381 minutes today and used approximately 12.71kWh costing approximately $1.70

With the new smartthings architecture/drivers/webUI/App can I still do this ?

I need somone to point me in the right direction.

thanks, michael

SmartThings shut down their Groovy cloud environment in Jan 2023 so Webcore isn’t available any longer. My understanding is that if you have a Hubitat hub, you can run Webcore on their environment and using a mirroring solution like Mira to monitor/manage your ST devices. Another option is the web-based Sharptools rules engine that has a free tier and a paid tier that offers more complex capabilities like using variables.

There may be a stock ST Edge driver for your Aeotec monitor, however, Aoetec provides one that supports your device here.

thanks, I am going to check out sharptools and see if that can help me. Greatly appreciate the reply.