Aeotec gen 5 siren not functioning anymore

I have an Aeotec gen 5 siren that was functioning properly and now I cannot get it to sound when triggered by sensors or going into the device and turning on siren and strobe. However the siren can be triggered manually on the device. Clearly the device is paired. It shows up in the apps on all my devices and in my browser at I have double checked the STHM settings and it is set up correctly to trigger from all sensors. All was functioning correctly before for a good 6 months. I have done all I can do. I have removed and repaired the siren multiple times with no change. Any ideas?

I’ve 2 of these sirens. Early last year I had a similar issue, where 1 siren was fine and the other was shown off line and wouldn’t function. I removed and re-paired numerous times. In fact, I was ready to buy another siren to replace the bad siren. I tried one last time and it re-paired and has been working just fine for almost a year. My only suggestion would be to continue your removal and re-pairing efforts.

Thanks for that. I will give it another shot. The only thing is is that the device is showing as paired/online.

Here is the solution. Delete the siren. Reset the siren by holding the button until it sounds for 3 seconds. Unplug the hub for 20 seconds. Plug in the hub and pair the siren. It comes up as aeon labs siren not aeotec.