Aeotec Gen 5 recessed door contact stopped working

I have 3 Aeotec Gen 5 recessed door contacts and one of them stopped working on 7/19. I’ve changed battery. Also deleted, and readded, but all I get is "This device hasn


Your sensors were probably automatically migrated from an old Device Handler to a new Edge Driver.

You could check the driver by opening device tab, click on 3 dots, then click on driver. It should list the driver being used. You could hit change driver and see if you have any options.

Things to try:

  1. Open and close door or window several times to see if that helps.

  2. Exclude and re-pair the device next to your hub.

  3. Add some community drivers such as Z-Wave Sensor PH or Z-Wave Sensor CS and then try changing the driver as mentioned above.

Aeotec also provides a driver.

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