Aeotec Dua Nano Wiring

Need a little help in wiring the Aeotec Dual Nano. I am attempting to wire it to two switches as they say that is possible. My issue is that in this case I have 2 neutral wires (one for each switch ) but there is only one neutral area on the Dual Nano Switch itself.

How would you wire it in this case?

Neutrals can be tied together and connected the switch. Not seeing exactly what you have so use caution with what I say. Normally all neutrals connect to ground back at your electrical box. So use a wire nut to join the two neutrals to short piece of wire. Attach that wire to your Nano Switch neutral connection.

so here is what I have right now. Two separate Switches each with there own set of neutrals. The Dual Nano is suppose to be able to run two switches but the input only has a single neutral input. My question is how do you deal with the two neutrals when you only have a single input.

Likely the right answer is to tie them together.

If you have a voltage meter you can check that all White wires are 0 volts with respect to ground (bare wires screwed to the box) confirming they can be tied together. You can also determine which of the black and red wires actually supply power to your box. Be careful, if you do not understand basic wiring and how to test a circuit that is powered on get someone who does to help.

If there are two powered lines coming into the box (not usually they way it is) you are best off to cap one of them off and not use it. If they are from seperate breakers you could have 240 volts between them.