Aeotec Doorbell 6–local operation?

I have just bought the Aeotec Doorbell 6 and I use the custom device handler that Aeotec recommend on their website! It’s working as it should, but it executes online!? But the doorbell has power and battery backup, so I want it as local executes. I know that almost all custom device handlers can only use online.

Is there a way?

Ask in the DTH thread, but with the siren I just changed it to a generic z wave device switch and that causes local execution. However, the siren also identifies as a switch, dimmer, and a few other things. The other big caveat was it locks me into the specific settings. I can’t pick different sounds or any other features.

So ya. Go into ide and try to change the device type to zwave switch, and also go post in the DTH thread. If the doorbell was also written by Kevin, he was extremely helpful going so far as to tell me what lines of code to change.

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Many thanks, I will look into it!