Aeotec - Dock for Water Sensor 6

They read my mind! I have two HVAC units and a water boiler in the attic needing to be monitored. This new sensor will be perfect and I love that I can power it via USB so I have a few less batteries to change! Right now I have the older Water Sensor for the water heater and was planning on installing two more for each HVAC… but this new product is a way better solution.

I hope that they will actually release this soon and not months/years later that promised as in a few of their past releases…

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very cool. nice to see an official solution for something that has to be DIY currently.

Agreed, looks nice.

I’m still annoyed that they dangled that smart window film in front of us for like 3+ years before they finally acknowledged they couldn’t make it work in a marketable way, though.

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