Aeotec Aeon Labs Doorbell

I think I need a walk through on this. I haven’t played much with custom device types, and I’m not sure how to proceed.
I have a SmartThings V2 hub, I’ve purchased an Aeon Labs Doorbell (not the siren). It’s plugged in and working as a stand-alone doorbell right now. But how to I add it to my ST?

I started by adding a custom device handler using the Aeon Labs Multifunciton Doorbell. Copied the code in, and set the correct location and selected virtual to test with, then ‘Publish’

How do I actually add the physical device, though? This seems like something I should be able to find a walk through on. Maybe there’s one I could follow?
Thank you for any help!

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In the SmartThings app go to Marketplace and Connect New Device, while the app is searching double click the button on the doorbell speaker and wait for it to be found and configure it once ready.


Setting the location and selecting test wasn’t necessary, but I don’t think it will cause any problems. Usually I just paste the
code, hit save and then hit publish.

The instructions @dshokouhi posted are correct, but some users have had a hard time getting it to pair securely. If you have that problem, pressing the physical doorbell button will work, but the buttons in the mobile app won’t.

Users with this problem usually get it to work by either pressing the button twice during the pairing process or moving the device within about 5 feet from the hub. If you end up having to move it near the hub, you can move it anywhere you want after it’s been paired, but you might want to run a z-wave repair.


This was exactly what I needed. Thank you! I’m all paired up and everything seems to be working properly.

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Thanks! Everything paired successfully on the first try. Thanks for developing the code, and for responding.

Had this device working just fine for a few years and then all of a sudden I got a 1% battery remaining alert in the app. Seeing as it’s plugged in I thought it must be an error that would go away. It didn’t and then I tried to re-sync / re-add it. Now I’ve screwed it up and it is not detected in ST. I’ve removed it forcefully but I can’t get it to pair again. Looked through the manuals and this post and still not been able to get it done. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

Assuming you posted on the correct topic, this device has a doorbell button so when the battery in the button gets low it will report 1% and one time when that happen the device plugged into the wall displayed a red LED and stopped playing sounds until I put a new battery in.

If you forcefully removed it then you can’t join it again until you either perform a general exclusion or factory reset the device. Factory reset is probably easier and doing that won’t effect any custom sounds you’ve loaded.

Check the manual for the factory reset procedure, but it’s probably something like hold the action button for 20-30 seconds.

I’ve never used the doorbell button and can’t remember where I’ve put it. Ok so that will take care of the 1% assuming I find it and replace the battery.

I’ve forcefully excluded but now I can’t figure out the inclusion/ re pairing even after reading the manual.

Forcefully excluding the device removes it from ST, but the device still thinks it’s connected to a hub so you must factory reset it or perform a general exclusion. It’s not possible to join the device again until you’ve done one of those things.

Once you’ve done one of those things, you’ll be able to join the device by putting the hub into inclusion mode and pushing the action button once.

I’ve tried doing the factory reset by holding down the action button for 20 secs and then releasing. I get a solid light followed quickly by slow pulsing flashes which don’t stop. I then unplug it and put smartthings in pairing mode and plug the doorbell back in. No matter what I try from this point seems to work and the device is never recognized by smartthings. Any other ideas or suggestions?

If you haven’t tried already, you might want to try holding it for 25-30 seconds.

I’m not sure if unplugging it afterwards is necessary, but I recommend waiting 30 seconds after plugging it in or factory resetting it before you try joining it again.

After that, put hub into inclusion mode, push the action button, and if it doesn’t find it after 10 seconds double push the action button.

Not sure how but it eventually worked after multiple factory resets. I really appreciate the support, thanks Kevin.

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