Aeon Z-wave Repeater

I needed / wanted to install a z-wave outlet on the top of a 20 foot light pole that has a wifi camera and 48 LED IR illuminator on it to do a hard re-set/power cycle when necessary but it was just out of range from the nearest 'beaming z-wave device. I had an Aeon plug in repeater in a box that I never used for anything and a ceiling outlet on the nearby porch (don’t ask) about halfway between the nearest z-wave switch and the light on top of the pole. I put a plastic weatherproof outlet cover over the outlet and plugged in the repeater and now I can hit the switch consistently with an on/off command. I don’t remember what it cost but I do distinctly remember that it was less than an outlet. Just remember to use an all plastic outdoor box if you try something like this since a metal box will kill your range. For good measure, I also plugged in a Dlink plug in repeater with a static ip and the same SSID as my main network and I’ve got a better signal back to the main router which allows for a higher frame rate so a 2 for 1 improvement.

I purchased one of these but am having trouble connecting it to my SmartThings hub. Can you let me know how you did it, since there isn’t any support for it?