Aeon Siren - Keep showing up on Connect New Device

Hello everyone. I been having this weird issue now and can’t figure out why is doing it. Everytime I am trying to connect a new device the Aeon Siren keeps popping up even after it has been configure. The siren already is using Securty/Alert with siren app and Alert with Siren.

So for example if I am trying to connect a new bulb the Aeon Siren keeps showing as the item found and not the bulb. Can anyone give this a try that has an Aeon Siren? just press the Connect New Device on the ST app and see if Aeon Siren keeps popping up. Any help will be appreciated :+1:

Ended up removing Siren from all associated apps, then removed the siren from ST (Device Exclusion), joined again to ST. Weird behavior on ST since Siren was already configure correctly and working on the past. All I was doing was adding a new bulb and somehow the Siren keept showing up… anyways just wanted to share the info in case this happens to anyone.

I’d remove the siren, add the bulb, then add the siren again. It would of course be of interest to find out why this is happening in addition to getting it working.

Edit~Oops…I should have scrolled down. You have it under control. Sorry.