Aeon Repeater

Anyone have any luck adding the Aeon repeater to the mesh? It’s not on the approved list, but wanted to know if anyone had any luck.

No luck by just plugging it in and ID’ing it. I added it to my devices in the developer area, but it goes inactive after a while…

If no, any luck with any repeater (other than installing z-wave switches, etc.)…

Thanks in advance.


I bought two of these to test and didn’t even think about the pairing. Tried one at my sisters house (with her hub) with no luck. Will try again on mine. If SmartThings Engineers want one to play with I will loan them mine (as well as a GE Wireless Keypad).

I bought one and had no difficulty pairing it.


How are your results?

Increase in app/device functionality with the repeater installed??

Results would be appreciated - I need to extend my range

Got mine to pair last night. I think it as a network issue before, it just says “Zwave Device”, nothing to report yet on range.

I have one on my network and it does seem to positively impact range for me.

What device type did it pair as?

Some notes on Z-Wave repeaters (that I should have posted last year when this thread started):

  1. They don’t do anything that any plug-in Z-Wave device doesn’t, they are just cheaper and smaller than a plug-in outlet.

  2. They work on the protocol level, so they don’t send events or get sent commands or anything. With the current system they will always show up as inactive. We should make a device type for these but since it wouldn’t actually change the behavior it isn’t high priority.

  3. Z-Wave devices are assigned their routes to the hub when they join, so adding the repeater won’t affect devices that were already in the network unless you do a Z-Wave network repair. Devices added after the repeater will join through it and use it in their routes if necessary, extending the range.

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Thanks for the info. Had 30 quids in gift card and didn’t want to spend a single penny more so got this stuff.:slight_smile:

Duncan, the Smartsense power outlet is a true zigbee repeater, right? I need an outlet for an artificial Christmas tree? What do you think about it? The tree will have about 500 LED lights. If this is wise, I am going to order one from ST store in the next few minutes. Will you be able to get back to me soon on this?

not really relevant to this topic, but yes the smartpower outlet is a repeater and will work fine for you

Thanks and sorry for posting in the wrong thread.

i have one of these Aeon range extenders and ive found it to be completely useless and a complete waste of time. ive tried changing device type multiple times to no avail.

someone cleverer than should really create a specific device handler for this, maybe Aeon/Aeotec labs themselves.

I’ll say the same thing- my Aeon repeater shows up but is listed as “Inactive” and seems to add no reliability to the unreliability of my SmartThings devices.
I love the idea of this technology but have yet to see or read reviews of any product that works reliably well.

The way things work currently, the aeon repeater will always show up as inactive because it never sends any events. We’d eventually like to fix that but it isn’t a high priority.

Changing the device type and such has no effect on the operation of the repeater. The repeating is all at the protocol level, the whole SmartThings layer isn’t really involved.

You may have to re-add sensors after a repeater is added so they know it exists.

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