Aeon Recessed Door Sensor LED Stuck On

Continuing the discussion from Aeon recessed door sensor gen 5 device type:

I added a couple of the Gen 5 Aeon Recessed Door Sensors. I tried using the default Door/Window device type, and also the community made device type specific to the Gen 5. Either way, the LED is stuck on once I get it paired. Anyone have any ideas on how to get that to turn off?

EDIT: Nevermind… it seems the LED turns off a few minutes after the device is paired. After that, the LED only blinks on when the state (open/closed) changes.

I’m having the same issue. Plus the sensor mis-reports sometimes. The issue, if I may be so bold, is that everything aeotec makes is flakey and oddly engineered.

I had the same issue, removing and re-installing the battery fixed it.