Aeon Panic Button Presence?

Hello - I have 2 of these fobs, but in talking to Aeon, they are not supported as Presence devices. I suspect I might be able to use a virtual presence driver/app to make them work in that way, but I wondered if anyone has already done that, and if they would share what they did or point me in a direction. I’m thinking i want to periodically ping the fob, and after so many misses in a row, declare it to be Not Present. Ditto for successful responses for Present. But how do you ping a Z-Wave device, and get an immediate response? Any help for a noob would be appreciated.

Looks like I can use the battery level as a ping. There are examples in the templates that I will use. Thanks anyway.

You can try it, but you’re going to kill the battery life. That’s not a device that’s meant to be used hundreds of times a day, which is what your ping will do.

Zigbee generally has better power management then zwave, which is why almost all the presence sensor devices are zigbee. (Or Wi-Fi, but that’s usually for devices which are charged every night anyway, and the process is different with those as there’s a positive check in.)

Zwave plus has better power management then previous generations, and there was a Z wave plus presence sensor announced at CES 2017, but it hasn’t actually been brought to market yet.

Anyway, you can do the battery pings if you want, but be prepared to recharge the device frequently. Plus since you have to initiate the check from the controller, you’re going to be flooding your network with frequent polling, which may cause your other Z wave devices to be delayed in processing. That doesn’t happen with the zigbee sensors because ping is initiated from the device side, meaning that when The device is out of range there’s no extra message traffic on your network. With the way you’re planning to do it for the Z wave device you’re going to have constant message traffic all day long whether the device is home or not.

But again, you can try it and see if it meets your needs. :sunglasses:

The following thread has some detailed discussions of expected battery life for this device. It might be of interest. (This is a clickable link)

Thanks for the replys. I’ve given up trying to use these fobs as presence sensors. I found I can get the Lowes Smart button for cheap. They use Zigbee so with the right driver I should be able to use them as I want as presence sensors.