Aeon Multisensor Gen 5 questions

I have a couple of questions about the gen5 version of the Aeon Multisensor. First, what exactly are the differences between the gen5 and the older model? Trying to figure out if it’s worth hunting down a gen5 of if any will suffice. Also, are the older ones upgradable or are their hardware differences?

Others can speak to the various model differences, but the older ones are not upgradeable, it’s a different chipset. The Gen 5 supports encryption and the older models did not.

Also, the gen 6 was just released a week or two ago, so you might want to look at those. Very different form factor: smaller, flatter, more modern looking.

Do any of the updated specs affect the use with SmartThings. Basically what I’m wondering If there are any real world advantages to the gen5 vs the earlier ones when used with a SmartThings hub.

I purchased a few of the sensors and have honestly been having nothing but problems. the fields don’t seem to be updating very offen, and none but motion seem to be working st all (or at least very accurately). Do I have faulty sensors (would be weird to get three faulty sensors), or are these known issues?