Aeon Minimote to control Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Strip?

Is there a way to use a minimote to control individual outlets on the Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Strip?

If you use the DTHs and SmartApp at the link below you’ll be able to use each outlet as a separate switch which you can then control with anything including the minimote.


PERFECT! Thanks very much!

Followed your instructions and it works perfectly

  1. Installed your Zooz Power Strip device handler
  2. Installed the Virtual Switch device handler.
  3. Installed the Zooz Power Strip Helper SmartApp

Then went back and assigned outlets to buttons on the Minimote using the button controller assigned to the Minimote.

Works great!

And thanks for the code, Kevin!


That’s something I quickly through together so I didn’t include options for custom names or choosing which outlets to create.

If you go into the settings of the virtual devices you can rename them and remove the ones you don’t need.

When you go to remove the virtual device it will display a warning about the SmartApp, but just tap “Remove Anyways” and then choose “Force” if prompted.

If you later want to add an outlet, re-run the Create Virtual Devices step and it will create virtual devices for the outlets that don’t already have one.

I just released a new version of the SmartApp because of a bug I just noticed and I also added an icon for it.