Aeon Minimote On sale $19.50 +FS

Minimote v1 z wave handheld remote on sale. (model DSA03202-V1)

link 19.50 after coupon plus free shipping (edited FS in US).
apply promo code at checkout ZWE5

note: latest firmware upgrades the unit to the same firmware as the v2.
JDRoberts has suggested in another thread; to upgrade the latest manufacturer’s firmware to work smoothly with ST.


These friggen companies kill me. A $61.00 shipping cost to Canada. Right :smile:
How is it a “ma and pa” guitar store in NC can offer free shipping for my order that is processed the same day I order them which arrive here within 7 days afterwards while these dicks think a shipping cost 3 X greater than that of the actual products is acceptable. :rage:

Ordered Two thanks for the TIP appreciate it

Thanks for the tip. I was looking to get another one. I was also able to get two and the discount covered both.