Aeon micro motor controller DSC14104

I am newer to this and I got the motor controller to control a single small motor on/off.
When I first installed once I changed modes the hard wired switch worked properly with normal on/off control.

After I connected to the hub and installed the custom device now the power switch only turns the fan on. It also seems the status in the app is opposite reality. I am not sure how I did this - but I would really like to make it work correctly. I think I need to just build a new device definition but I have never done that. Anyone have any thoughts?


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re doing. Are you using the Aeon micro motor controller for a ceiling fan? Are you incorporating a wall switch? Bravenel posts the up, down, and stop commands in this thread above. I don’t know if there are any others.

I tried using the code above for the up, down, and stop commands for the aeon minimote using Button Controller + but it wasnt working for me :-/ been looking at it for hours trying to figure it out with no luck. i am using the micro motor controller with the device handler that bravenel posted and the two other modified device handlers above with no luck. the shades up down stop section just doesnt work. the device handler works perfectly if i use it manually. maybe something wrong with Button controller +?

I have a single small motor (less than one amp) that is running a vent fan. I’m just trying to turn it off and on.

I do have a new device coming that is just a relay switch so that should simply it but I think it would work fine if I knew how to write a device handler that treated it as two different motors on and off.


I want to build a extra safety for the motor controller, since i have a roller shutter on the kitchen door and now the roller shutter can go down if the door is opened, which causes the roller shutter to ‘break’ on the open door.

I know i can make a virtual switch which will only go down/up if the open/close sensor on the kitchen door is closed, but… isn’t there a way without adding another virtual switch?

Any expert in Micro Motor Controller can give me a hand in this post?



I’m using Bruce device handler Aeon Motor Controller with UP Down and Stop buttons in the app. I’m wondering if there is a smartapp that allows me to open the window half way through or using a % to open it 25%, 50%, 75% , or all the way ?


Hi Fab, I know the Dooya curtains automatically set themselves to stop. If I understand correctly, for what you want, the motor controller would have to be able to report to the Smartthings how long the Dooya motor is running. I don’t know if it can do that.

Hi D, thanks for your reply and hint. I see the complexity of communicating the exact position.
That said, I’m thinking a simple smartapp that opens the curtain, sends a down command once the curtain is open, wait 4 seconds (configurable per preference ) and then send a stop command could do the job.

Now that you mention this, I think you can make it stop moving after a certain amount of time. Did you get it to work?

I can manually but not through a smartapp. I was hoping there is a smartapp for that

hola bravenel, tengo unos relevos dsc18103 y los reinicie super facil, igualmente los enrole sin lios, el inconveniente se me genera con dsc 19104, los tenian enrolados a un sistema vera que se daño, enrole unos nuevos sin problema para unas cortinas, hoy intente reiniciar unos que estaban enrolados y no he sido capaz, me podrias ayudar, quedo atento.

I have not been able to find this device (Aeon micro motor controller DSC14104) for sale online. Do you know what device may have replaced it? It seems unlikely they would discontinue a useful device without a replacement.

hi… does this still work?

I’m using a version of the code I edited myself, and yes, it is still working.

I I apologize if I resume this discussion but I really need help.
I’m not a developer and I don’t understand anything, but thanks to this thread I managed to make the blinds work with Smart Thing and aeotec dsc14104 micro motor controller, but I have a problem: the commands are reversed (from the app). If I choose to shut down the blid, it goes up (and vice versa). Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

PS: I’ve 2 version of the ST app (Android), on the newest (Smartthings) these commands don’t work, on the oldest ( SmartThings Classic) yes but I haven’t the same icons of your screensot, I only have one icon for open-stop-down…

You probably need to reverse the L1 and L2 wires.

No, the cables are ok. The wall keys respond perfectly to the up / down commands, but is the app that sees them reversed.
I tried to change the “Up from FF to 00” and “Down from 00 to FF” commands and now it seems to work well but I don’t know if it’s the right way


If u change the wiring up will be up and down will be down.

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The wiring are ok, the wall keys work well