Aeon Laps Smart Switch 6 (v.2) in Case with Logitech Harmony activities

Dear Community,

as you can see I am a german user with using the UK-220V Version. It works great, but I have issues with my linked Harmony Hub and the Actions I want to use.
I am no programer or want to be someone. I’m only intressted in solving the problem by your experience with maybe the same problem.

Two products I’m using for the case:
Logitech Harmony Hub
Aeon Laps Smart Switch (“Power Plug” or how ever you say in english :wink: )

I would like to have my Harmony as main Controller. So my TV, the fan and the light were controlled by them. I also have an logitech remote Controller (Harmony Ultimate).
If I want to start the activity, for example “Watch TV”, I have to start it with my Ultimate by touching the display.
I want to switch off the electricity with the Aeon Laps, so that the devices are powerless.
The Problem is, when I’m starting the activity “Watch TV” I have to activate Aeon Laps first. Harmony doesn’t support the connection (because z-wave command)

The Internet Service “IFTTT” connects harmony and Smartthings. I am also be ready to start activities with my smartthing hub by adding my Hamrony Account in Smartthings. Both done. Sounds great at first, but after a short testing I have realised that the activity starts great but I have to take my Harmony Ultimate in the second Hand. For switching TV programs I have to take Harmony too.
I want to press the activity on my harmony and the Smartthings hub should Switch the Aeon Laps on and the Activity continue after Aeon Laps is activated.
IFTTT only can start an quest with smartthings and then harmony as “That” (if this do that)
So the best would be starting an harmony activity and then activating smartthings.
So while the activity is starting the Aeon Laps can be powerd on. I can use a dummy Device (Logitech Harmony) for delays by transmiting the Signal over Internet which will start before TV and sound System.

Have you ever the same problem or an idea how to fix it?
I am sorry for the confused and mixed english, but I tried my best :wink:

Greetings from Germany

Not sure I followed 100% but I’ll give it a try.

You want the Aeon to turn on first when you hit a Harmony activity right?

What I did:

  1. Create a virtual switch in ST that’s linked to either Rule Machine or CoRE or even Smart Lighting can do this.
  2. On my Harmony I had to relearn power commands so I could use them in any order within the activity.
  3. Harmony activity sends power on stuff when it starts (fails for anything on the aeon), the first manual command you can issue within the activity would be to the ST virtual switch, which would then turn on/off whatever you want that ST can manage.
  4. Wait in the harmony activity to allow ST to turn it on, then re-issue the manually created commands to turn everything on for real.

Let me know if that works for your case, or correct me if I assumed anything wrong!