Aeon Labs - Where's the goods?

(Michael Dow) #1

I look at the Aeon labs site at all the wonderful things in the pipeline that would solve so many of the little projects I’d like to tackle, but the products aren’t available yet… :frowning:

Has anyone seen a projected rollout schedule from Aeon? I’m impatient! :slight_smile:

(Tim Slagle) #2

Everything has been “coming soon” on their site for a very long time. I even reached out to their custoemr service with little much as a peep from them.

(Edward Pope) #3

AEON Labs has some cool products, but they are one of the old guard. They are not used to the speed that the industry moves now. So, like @tslagle13 stated. they have been noting these new things coming for a long time. I have also tried to contact them for information, and simply was referred to the web site for the latest news.

I suspect, that they will not get the devices out in time. There are sure to be others who will note the interests and move quickly to fill the gap.

(An) #4

I had been waiting for their heavy duty smart switch for appliances since hearing about it last year. I started to see some popup on other sites. I took the plunge and bought one off of Home Controls while Aeon labs’ website still says coming soon. So happy that I did. It was the switch and it works like a charm. Definitely worth searching to verify if that “coming soon” product is already available.

(Edward Pope) #5

@amn0408 If I may ask, where did you buy it from. Please if you could put up a link.

(An) #6

@theedpope, sure. I bought from Home Controls and the specific heavy duty switch is here.

(Edward Pope) #7

@amn0408 just wanted to thank you for putting the link up.