Aeon Labs v1 Minimotes - $2.99 or less (open box from BuyDig via eBay)

So far only 3 of 19 are good 10 more to test

I wondered why they sold out so fast. :laughing:


3/3 of mine were duds, no word back from buy dig other than their boiler plate response of what they will not accept. They did ask for pictures of the “damage” so they might be trying to snake their way out of it.

lol Great stocking stuffer and Christmas will be here sooner than you it. Great stocking stuffer.
The size of these work perfect for me. A little double stick tape and I can mount them in areas where they are accessible and somewhat hidden. When it’s time to recharge I plug in a portable battery pack.

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I prefer this

Works for mounting tablets too

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Yep, 3M command strips are perfect for the minimotes. Have them on several walls in halls and bedrooms controlling smartbulbs.

Bump. Back in stock as of 10/24 @ 11:45 PM EDT! Same deal, buy 2, 3rd 50% off.

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Thanks for the note on back in stock, @paulmike3.

Been wanting to get more of these for a few locations in the house for a while. Ordered five for $13.45, hopefully this will work out and I won’t get duds.

Thanks for the update, grabbed 6, hoping for 3 non duds.

Did anyone get refunds for their duds??
@David_Van @tommyincville

I did. No trouble at all. I bought batteries (5 for $12 on eBay) and will be replacing the bad ones. Still a steal even with all duds.


ditto :point_up: . Although I learned the hard way that there is more than one shape of 100mah battery… Make sure you get size type 302323.

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I never got a reply to my Fleabay emails to BD. After waiting the required 7 days I filed for a refund and received the credit in 2 days with a note to not return the defective units. I still haven’t gotten around to ordering the replacement batteries. Figured I would use my next Fleabay bucks certificate.

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2 orders were refunded instantly. No need to return. A third order (9 pieces) had 6 duds. They asked for a return on those. Refund was posted yesterday.

Ordered a few more and extras to cover the expected duds today.

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Back out of stock (10/25/2017 @ 3:00 PM EDT).

managed to order few when they were available. Thanks.

I’m little stumped here, the manual doesn’t explains it much. The model that I receive has numbers on it and under the slider it has buttens for +,- and join/wifi like symbol.
I have tried all possible combinations of buttons but smarthings hub doesn’t detect anything.
I even tried resetinng the minimote by putting the hub in general exclusion mode and then hitting - and Join button together. But nothing works.

When I try to charge the minimote, there is a red led light and it turns off as soon as I remove plug from minimote. Then manual says when device is in inclusion mode it should show blue and red led light, but nothing happens.

Does anyone has any hack to offer for including the minimote to smartthings?

The light will turn blue after it’s charged when you first plug it in it’ll turn red, and then will turn blue once it’s charged. If it never turns blue, you probably have a bad battery that also may be why it’s not joining Smartthings. Your battery might be shot


Or if it turns blue immediately after plugging in, it’s probably a bad battery as well.


Or if it does nothing at all when you plug it in, it’s probably bad.

Worth noting that minimote really like their original cord & don’t like charging or accepting FW updates with other cords you might have lying around & use out of convenience.


@RLDreams I’m using the cord came with the minimote.
@paulmike3: No it’s not turning blue immediately or like ever
@eric182: Since it’s not turning blue, it stats red only, i think you are right, battery may be bad.