Aeon Labs v1 Minimotes - $2.99 or less (open box from BuyDig via eBay)

Update 4: Out of stock again (10/25/2017 @ 3:00 PM EDT)

Update 3: Back in stock as of 10/24 @ 11:45 PM EDT

Update 1: Out of stock currently (9/29/2017 @ 8 AM EDT)

Update 2: Received my order of 3 today (10/2). Of the 3, 2 are clearly “used” (dirty, scratches) and the 3rd was sealed in the box like other new ones I’ve bought from BuyDig. 1 of the 2 used condition minimotes is DOA. The others charged and paired with ST no problem. I’ll probably just buy and solder a new battery in the 3rd. TBD of they’ll stay charged for long, but so far so good.

BuyDig is blowing out open box Minimotes on eBay.

Obviously, these are hit or miss even in sealed boxes due to their age, but the fine print does say defective devices are the exception to the no returns policy.

I’ve got 4 of the v1 Minimotes and they all hold great charges for 3-4 months with heavy, daily usage. Love em!

If you buy 3, they knock off 50% on the 3rd. Total of $7.47 shipped for 3 is a steal!



Thanks for the tip, I already have four of them but I guess having some spares can’t hurt especially for the price.

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I bought 5 In a row from them off of Amazon all d.o.a. Beach camera/buydig didn’t want them back. They refunded me and I put new batteries in them…


Good stuff, thanks for the details on the battery swap. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep these running for years to come.

When they’re in working order, they’re easily my favorite smart devices. So versatile!

The batteries mentioned in that thread come in a pack of five. From China. They took two weeks to get to my house.

Assuming these ones?

Yep. Those ones.

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I had a couple $5 ebay gift cards laying around so this worked out perfectly. In for 3!!

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Darn, out of stock as of 10/2 @2300.

I received my 3 units in obviously open boxes but they were complete. After charging, 2 units worked and 1 was DOA, most likely a dead battery since it wouldn’t hold a charge. I sent in a request for return or refund. Thanks for the tip @eric182 on replacement batteries.

Updated my OP - same here (2 of 3 work). New batteries look to be the way to go with these. Keep us posted of what BuyDig does.

I’m seeing a pattern. My 3 arrived yesterday, but I just tossed the bag on the table, after seeing the activity here I decided to check them out.
Of course step one is to update FW. Plug the first one into computer, update complete, unplug 1 and plug in #2 update complete. Unplug #2 and plug in #3 update failed, try again, update failed. Unplug and close the updater program. Plug it back in windows goes boopity boop, open updater, update… 10% update failed. Unplug and plug it in again boopity boop, Update 10% …update failed.

2 out of 3 of mine came with dead battery. I sent message to Buydig via ebay.

Looks like I was overly optimistic too soon. #1 won’t take a charge at all, as soon as I plug it in the LED turns blue, remove USB and it dies. #2 appeared to take a charge, and I was able to get it included, programmed the buttons and after 1 button press it died, plugged it back in and in about 30 seconds it turned blue fully charged, 1 button press ( that ST never registered but minimote lights flashed and again it is dead. #3 that I couldn’t get the FW to update has been on a 2A charger for 4 hours and still has pink ( not RED) LED , so ass-u-me-ing that it is also DOA.
So yes I sent BD a nice email through Fleabay informing them of their perfect score. Last time I bought a bunch through their website and 1 button on 1 of them didn’t ( still doesn’t ) work, so I have a 6 function instead of 8, I think I paid $7ea back then though not 3/$7 .

Lol… The one that doesn’t work for me starts with a pink/purple LED, then fades to blue after about 10 seconds. Unplugged, it’s dead.

Even if I buy the $11 for 5 new batteries on Fleabay it still has it at <$5 ea for them. So still a bargain, but waiting to see if BD will do anything first.

Now that I think of it, I think I still have 3 or 4 of the Osram dimmers backordered from Lowe’s if they ever ship.

2 Likes was pretty good and offered me a refund and to just keep the defective one.

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I’m 3 days & still no reply from BD. Of course being a Fleabay Power seller you aren’t allowed to file a claim or even leave less than a 5 star review for 7 days. Looks like I may be waiting 7 days for a reply.

At least y’all got yours. I placed an order when they showed in stock on eBay and then a few days later I got an email they were out of stock. They did refund my money but poor inventory management. Maybe it’s because all of the returns. :smirk:

Cool, thanks. I just went to my eBay order and hit “ask for a refund” and it took me to the returns page. It says they don’t offer returns, just refunds. I stated 1 of my 3 doesn’t charge and submitted it. Wouldn’t expect much trouble this way. It asked how many of the 3 I’d like refunded. Just be honest folks. :slight_smile: