Aeon Labs Multi Sensor False Trigger Mod

I was getting false triggers with my Aeon Labs MultiSensor outdoors. I tried reducing the sensitivity down to the very minimum and was still getting the issue.

I took matters into my own hands and gave my sensor some eye lids.

Aeon Labs MultiSensor with Eyelids

It’s pretty simple to open up and this reduce the false triggers caused by the IR pickup from the sky.
I took a small piece of paper and taped it to the inside of the sensor cover. So far it still picks up motion from my patio and has yet to give me false triggers. I’ll test this more in next few days and make adjustments as necessary.


Good idea. Thanks.

That’s brilliant Gilbert! I’ll give this a try. I had given up on my outdoor multi-sensor to detect motion. It’s currently just an outdoor thermometer. This may breath new life into it.


I tried something similar a couple weeks ago and only slightly improved the issue.

@thegibertchan, any luck on testing? Does you motion sensor see shadows as I heard that was the cause of the false triggers. Mine is under my eves and doesn’t see the sky, the reason I ask.