Aeon Labs Micro with Smart Lighting App doesn't work to switch off


I have an Aeon Labs Micro switch connected to a four way mains block that switches on and off two 12vdc power adaptors that run some under unit kitchen leds.

Using the Smart Lighing app I set up an automation routine that detect motion on one sensor and switches the lights on between sunset and sunrise … well works well to switch on but it doesn’t always switch off.

The lights remain on even thought the automation says turn off 1 minute after motion stops.

When the lights remain on the Aeon Labs Micro doesn’t always respond to a manual request from the ST app to turn off.

Aeon Labs Micro is approx 6-8 metres from ST hub so I don’t thinks its distance, although it is under the kitchen unit but I don’t see why that should stop it working .

I think its the Smart Lighting app that appears to hold the device once its switched it on and doesn’t release it to allow it to accept any further requests.
Now I don’t think I have done anything wrong…I have checked the wiring against the Aeon Labs instructions and i have tried deleting the automation and re-creating it.

Its very strange as sometime the device works fine for a day or two and then stops responding as stated.

I have put the Aeon Labs Micro switch inside a standard socket box to ensure the live connections are not exposed , I dont think this matters as I cant see the device over heating .!!!

Anybody …seen this or any ideas

Thanks for reading