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Aeon Labs LED Bulb (ZW098-A52) Device Type

(Adam) #27

It pairs as a dimmer switch i believe but not even on and off work. I can pair and unpair it… thats about it…
I paired it about 6 feet away from my hub, but before that I paired it on an entirely different floor. It did the same thing, paired fine, but didnt work at all.

(Duncan) #28

@JDRoberts some notes:

The last couple versions of Z-Wave have a feature called “Network Wide Inclusion” that lets devices join through repeaters (provided they support NWI too).

Z-Wave now recommends devices don’t use low-power inclusion, even secure devices. It’s mostly older devices that do this. Z-Wave Plus devices are not allowed to use low-power inclusion by default, it has to be a special mode.


Thanks, @duncan , appreciate the correction! I’ve fixed the post above. :sunglasses:

(Josh) #30

I got mine paired pretty quickly, but I cant do anything with it expect dim it, and turn it on and off. No color changing, etc. Do we have a rough ETA on the working device type?

(Adam) #31

Anyone got it working?

"DeviceType still in use by devices"
(Duncan) #32

Here’s a device handler to try out:

See also this post: Color Switch Z-Wave Command Class

(Michael and Jessica) #33

Thanks for the code, Duncan. Has anyone been able to try this out that could report any level of success with it?

(Josh) #34

It does work, changes the LED colors, but the colors dont always match. For example, if I put the color wheel to orange, the LED bulb glows green.

(Michael and Jessica) #35

Are there methods to include color changes with programs are does it all have to be done manually?

(Andrew Mager) #36

It works like a charm @duncan.

(Darc Ranger) #37

I am wondering if there is a way to have the light “on” tile in the app show the current selected color, instead of the default green we tend to use. I know it can be down with the temperature tile, but that is coded for specific temperature values.
If this can be down, then I would suggest a shade of grey for the bulb being off?

(Duncan) #38

I don’t think that’s currently possible, or at least not easy. Color coding is only available for value tiles and then only 1 dimension. I’m sure it’s on the UI guys list but not necessarily a high priority.

(Robert Vandervoort) #39

couldn’t you just pull the current color from the bulb and set the background color of a value tile to that color?

(Duncan) #40

I just meant that it’s not possible with the current device handler API. Device type code doesn’t run on the client. It will have to be added as an option on multiAttributeTile and then implemented in all the client apps.

(Benji) #41

So I ordered four of these from ‘The Smartest House’ and before I continue, let me state that The Smartest House Team have been awesome and have already sorted me out with replacements…

So, they arrived, unfortunately all of them were broken in exactly the same way and the packaging from TSH was absolutely fine leading me to believe it’s a packing issue from Aeotec themselves. On further inspection it may be more a lack of glue/sealant.

The plus side is, here’s a partial “teardown”:

Water Inside GE Link Bulb

I’m new to ST and I haven’t read anything that says how well these bulbs work. Do they pair nicely and is controlling the color and brightness working?

I’d like to get these instead of having to add a Hue hub to get color changing bulbs.

(Benji) #43

I would have been able to tell you but as above, things went a little wrong on delivery, should be getting the replacements on Monday and I’ll let you know :smile:

(Eric M) #44

I like the bulb, but it is a lot bigger than the hue bulbs. That is my only complaint. I have light fixtures that it hangs too far out of to look good.

There is an image in this thread that I posted with the size comparison.

Also, I think I had to modify the device type to have it work with SmartApps like Smart Lighting. If I remember correctly, the bulb does not turn on if you use setColor like the other color bulbs do (hue etc.). It works fine if the light is already on. I modified setColor to turn the bulb on in addition to changing its color to fix the behavior.

(Benji) #45

Wellllll the replacement bulbs from The Smartest Home just came and had the same issue… again not their fault, they even opened then and checked them BEFORE they shipped them to me and only one of them survived.

It’s clearly a severe lack of glue being applied by Aeotec on the bulb and it’s just popping off, Existing owners should be concerned at how well theirs are sealed if they also have a lack of glue on them, I’d be concerned moisture could get inside and cause havoc with the electronics eventually.

With my Cree Connected bulbs (which aren’t even rated to be outside) I am less concerned because:

  1. They only cost $15 a piece
  2. Are so open, they won’t trap moisture inside them.


I ended up ordering one from Amazon, and it is working well.
I did try pulling and twisting on the bulb and it didn’t move or break. So maybe I’m lucky.

I like how it remembers the color and brightness, even if turned off by a traditional light swtich.
I could not get automation working with the Smart Lights App to turn it on and set colors at different times.
I could get a scheduled routine working, but not changing colors at different times.