Aeon Labs LED bulb alarm trigger level

Have been slowly adding devices to my setup and really getting my place to a point where I can now use Smartthings hub v2 instead of the legacy Honeywell security system in the house.

Here’s a couple issues I’m having:

  1. Armed Away or stay - When alarm is triggered my lights all go on as expected, but after hitting dismiss or disarm, all lights remain on. Not ideal, but so far Smartthings is telling me this is how the code works. Anyone else encounter this?

  2. I’ve added an Aeon labs bulb to the bedroom. I have the bulb set as one of my lights to turn on in smart home monitor when an alarm is triggered. The good part is that the light comes on. But the bad part is that it only comes on at the same level of brightness as it was when it was last turned off. So every night I have it at 2% and then turn it off. Even though my smart home monitor is set to turn all lights on, and dimmable ones at 90%, this bulb ignores that and turns on at 2%. Not enough to wake me up.
    Can anyone with a bulb do an exact test like that and let me know if you experience the same thing? Smartthings did not have one of those bulbs to test on - which I thought was odd. They should have every possible device in the lab.