Aeon Labs HEM v1; ZWave Plus?

I bought the Aeon Labs HEM v1 a few years ago, but finally got it installed and operational. It seems to be working well enough now, but this is the only “ZWave Plus” item I have paired, and I wondered if I did it right.

Basically, it’s functioning, but I believe it’s connected in normal ZWave; I see this in the IDE:

  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE

Not sure if that really ends up mattering, but I have a lot of other items that are ZWave Plus that will be added soonish, and I just wanted to have this procedure sorted out before I am trying to repair improperly added items.

That is normal

“Normal”, as in “that means it’s connected as a ZWave+ device”, or normal as in “it always says that”?

How do I verify if it has connected ZWave+, or does it ALWAYS connect as ZWave+?

Security level isn’t the same as Z-wave plus. That field for indicating whether the device connected using S2 security or not. The v1 HEM doesn’t have S2, so that is normal.

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So I’ll just leave it as it is. Thanks!

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The HEM v1 is not a zwave plus device. It’s just zwave, and the message you see is normal. Zwave devices with “S2” security will have a different message, as @Automated_House mentioned above.