Aeon Labs Garage Door Controller


(Robert Vandervoort) #101

What hub version and which app are you using the new or classic ST app?

(Daniel Haugland) #102

v2 (EU) and Classic.

(Dandan167) #103

The device handler can not turn off the alarm and I don’t believe the actual device will let you either due to safety. You can control volume though.

(Dr. Mom) #104

You can’t turn off the alarm but there’s a way to remove them.
From the Aeon Labs support site. You can change the parameters as noted above or, easier, plug the opener into any PC or Mac (I’m also going to try it on my Chromebook) and open the flash drive. Delete only the music files. The alarm will try and sound but since there are no sounds to play you get silence. It might be fun to add your own sounds also but I haven’t tried that yet.

(Robert Vandervoort) #105

I tried the parameter change to disable the alerts but it didn’t seem to have an effect. Sorry I have had very little time to work on this or any other hobby / fun stuff lately.

(Dr. Mom) #106

Thanks for that update,
I really think the easier option will be to use the second option and remove the sound files from the device

(Jon D) #107

I was able to change the closing sound to the opening sound. It is much more pleasant now.