Aeon Labs Energy Switch IPhone Sensing Mode Change Set-Up

Hi all,
I am looking to set up the following scenario from my Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch. I want to put the switch on my iPhone charger such that when it detects a draw of power after a certain time (say 10pm) it will put smart things into night mode. The thought is, when I connect my phone to my nightstand charger before bed the house will change to night mode. When I disconnect it in the morning, I’d like it to go to home mode.

I’ve looked into Yet Another Energy Monitor, but that doesn’t have the capability to trigger modes. I’m using a wemo switch and IFTTT as a laundry sensor on a similar scenario (alert when power consumption changes) but again no ability to change modes. Any suggestions?! Thanks!

I like the idea, and I see that there are apps that can trigger an event based on power usage. If it is not created already this should be reasonably easy to do. Heck I might even take a shot at it myself.

That’d be awesome! I looked all over for an app that could do it but didn’t see anything

@GLlew Did you manage to get this working?

Not yet, but it looks like this smart app is going to do the trick.