Aeon labs DSC18103-ZWUS not reporting KWH


hi, i’m using the product for a while and it works OK.

i was easily paired to the HUB although it was paired as an outlet.

the only problem is - that it doesn’t report KWH.

if anyone managed to make it report energy consumption - i’ll be grateful to know how to do it.



(Eric) #2

you may have to login to IDE

and edit the device to type “Aeon Outlet” which shows KWH
but it will not show KW


hello, and thanx for the reply.

as i mentioned, it is already paired as an outlet.

(Eric) #4

I have one of these Aeon labs DSC18103-ZWUS installed, and KWH updates.

Did you try what I suggested SPECIFICALLY “Aeon Outlet” ?

Not “Outlet”. “Outlet” is not specific.


hi, thanx again.

i’m using AEON OUTLETS - still no KWH.