Aeon Labs DSC06106 — Which Edge Driver?


Does anybody know if there’s an edge driver for these?

I do! You’d have to check here to see if that fingerprint is listed: SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/fingerprints.yml at main · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub

I don’t see the 0086/0003/0006 listed, did you find any driver for it already?

This fingerprint appears in the Driver:

deviceLabel: Aeotec Switch 1
manufacturerId: 0x0086
productType: 0x0003
productId: 0x008C

Would this work, or does it have to be an exact match? The ProductId (0006) does not match.

Can a driver be “forced-fit” if the fingerprint does not match, similar to what can be done with DTH?

I don’t know if it will work as is, I think that at least the fingerprint has to be added to that driver .
Does anyone know the answer?

I have one of these. I’m working to combine my Jasco switch driver with actuators from other brands, and this one will be covered in that.

The device is overall pretty simple though, and it looks like the stock zwave-switch driver will handle it through a generic fingerprint, though without the energy monitoring.


@philh30 , please let us know when it has been added to your driver.

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Mariano added this device driver, but metering is not working properly. However switch function works. I think Mariano is working with this:

Original driver request

Improvement request