Aeon Labs Door window sensor, DSB29-ZWUS (2nd edition) vs DSB04100-ZWUS


Besides the $15.00 price difference between the two models, is there anything that the 2nd edition model offers to justify this price difference?


The gen 5 zw089 is zwave plus instead of Z wave. Smaller, better range, better battery life and allows wireless updates of the firmware. And now officially supported by smartthings.

Since the five and the two cost about the same, personally I’d be looking at the five unless you just hate the form factor.

As far as I know there’s no real advantage of the two over the one, except that it’s a little smaller.

(Varun Dev) #3

My DSB29 doesn’t report tamper. It’s like the switch does nothing. The DSB04100 reported as open and close.

(phil) #4

I have 6 of these I got used. I have tried just about everything to get these paired with my hub…no luck. Any way to force these to apir or maybe something I am doing wrong


Hhhhm, Used z-wave devices… Bet my bottom-dollar they were never excluded from the previous owners hub. Normally) Can’t include till you exclude unless… Someone here know some secret on how to do a factory reset or the likes.

(Varun Dev) #6

They may take a while. They are trying to use the Z-wave door/window sensor handler. I have about 8 of these and no problem. I had to create my own handler to make the tamper switch work.