Aeon Labs door sensor issue

(Ryan D ) #1

The Aeon labs door sensor I have attached to my front door occasionally reads “open” even when the door hasn’t been opened. We have been having power outages due to the storms so I thought it might have been due to the Hub constantly resetting, but it is still doing it and we haven’t had an outage in days. I’m also wondering if it isn’t an issue with the fact that its on a metal door that disturbs the magnetism in the sensor. Any ideas on how to figure out what’s causing the problem and how to remedy it. I have the same sensors on two other doors and they work perfectly (and are further away from the hub than the fautly sensor).

(Ardenite) #2

@umdterps24 I, too, have an aeon door sensor on a metal door and have the same issues. When I moved it to a cabinet door, the problem disappeared so yeah, it’s the metal.