Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Siren

The way it is now, you can pick a number 1 thru 5 for the different siren sounds and 1 thru 3 for the volume level. Unfortunately, at the moment you can’t have a different volume level or siren sound based on application you’re using it for. You set each option in the preferences (volume / sound) for the siren and then that’s that. Each time you use the siren it will sound with those settings.


I must be missing something. Just added the siren, it was assigned the device type “Aeon Siren” – but it literally does nothing. The log shows that it’s sending commands but the device is silent. I tried changing the device type to “Zwave Siren” and it worked… but nothing from the “Aeon Siren” device type.

Did I miss a step? Or do I need the new firmware (mine hasn’t updated yet)?

You don’t need the current firmware which is being pushed this past few days unless of course you are on some obsolete firmware. Check the preferences. Just in case… Mine is set as

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I just paired it up and it would work. Maybe unpair and re-pair? For the events what is it giving? I know it would say BOTH when it would activate. Once it shows under things, you should be able to tap it to turn it on and off.

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Thanks @smart and @jpetrone! I can’t explain what went wrong the first time I tried… but after a force delete from the hub and a factory reset on the device, I just tried again and I’m in business!


If it worked with the Z-Wave Siren device type the first time, it probably failed secure inclusion due to some random error and joined as a non-secure device. This device can work on both security-enabled networks and non-secure, so since our hub supports security it automatically tries a secure join and if successful it will refuse non-secure commands like the normal Z-Wave Siren handler sends.


That’s one sexy siren. Is this a z-wave repeater like the Fortrezz? Also, is ST able to take advantage of the different light alerts yet?

Yes, it’s a repeater. What do you mean about different light alerts?

Thanks @duncan


Visual alerts.
It’s not just Siren’s audio alerts that are helping to keep you safe. Siren is enhanced with visual alerts courtesy of 3 powerful, front-facing LEDs.

Wondering if the current device type can handle the visual alerts aeotec describes.

I’m pretty sure that just means that the siren has LEDs that flash when it goes off.

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Got it. I don’t know why I read that as there were different visual alerts. Got my wires crossed.

So I’ve had trouble pairing the siren. Can’t seem to get ST to recognize it. Additionally, I’m noticing that there is a low hiss coming from the siren when it’s plugged in. It’s scary putting your ear up to it. Anyone else hearing that sound? @mkmark @smart ?

Strange. I never heard any hissing sound.i got it paired the first day @duncan posted the device type and has been working for me and I have occasionally been testing it.

Hey @ultrazero, sorry for the delay. I just checked my unit (which is still working great) – you’re absolutely right, there is a faint hiss/static sound when I put my ear directly up against it. I never noticed it before, and I couldn’t notice it once I moved more than about 6 inches away. It doesn’t bother me, but can see how it might for others with more sensitive hearing.

Thanks Mark. That makes me feel a bit better. Additionally, I got my siren paired today. Was having all kinds of pairing problems with a bunch of devices and reseting the hub worked great. This paired right up. Seems to work well, so I’m happy.

The one thing I’d really like to do is use the different alert sounds (at different volumes) for different purposes. So for example, one would be the main security alarm. Another would be an alert for a flood, etc. Has anyone had any luck with this? Does this require it’s own smartapp?

The siren sounds whenever you change the settings, so that can be used to create commands for the different sounds. Here’s an example:

The downside is that it changes the setting – the next time you just send “on”, it will use the last sound. So you kind of have to always use the individual sound methods.


As I progress through setting up ST in my new home, I’m looking at Smart Alarm and need a siren. This one (or two) seems to fit the bill due to its plug in form factor.

My questions though, are:

Can I use more than one, say one in the basement and one on my
second floor, and have them respond in the same way and at the same
Can this be used as an audio indicator for door
openings/closings like with a traditional alarm system? E.g., my
in-law’s wired alarm chirps a door is open.

@John_Esher I’m sure the siren could be used as a chime but a smart app would need to be created in an attempt to achieve that. The Smart Alarm smart app, presently can not support that function.

I believe there is only one spot to choose a siren. So I think you would have to install/run two instances of the smart alarm app in order to achieve two sirens going at once.

You can also try asking the 2 siren question in the smart alarm post.

@ultrazero, I’m also hearing that high-pitched whine with my Aeon siren. My wife hears it two rooms away and she can’t stand it. Now that she has pointed it out, I can’t help noticing it either.

I assume this is part of the hardware that I can’t modify, and is likely to be the same with other Aeon sirens.

Does anyone have direct experience with the Fortrezz alarm, and have you noticed a high-pitched whine coming from that? I have to admit, this Aeon paired very easily with my hub and it looks really great (way better than the red globe on the Fortrezz). But I’d be willing to sacrifice looks for a device that doesn’t whine.

Same questions here, I want to be able to use it as a chime (Door Open/Close)

Hey Guys, bit of a noob here. Just got my Aeon Labs siren and I would like for it to go off when someone enters the house and neither my wife or I are home. can someone walk me through how they would do this?