Aeon Labs Aeotec Multifunction Doorbell

Can anyone speak to the shitty reviews this doorbell has been receiving on amazon? See

There seems to be a lot of people complaining about range and volume being really low. What has been the experience of people on this thread?

It depends on what you want to use it for.

I haven’t had any problems with range, but my button isn’t mounted outside because I’m not using it as a doorbell and my hub is in the exact center of my house. I have my button setup so that it toggles sleep mode instead of making a sound.

If the button isn’t mounted on a hard surface it can be somewhat unreliable.

A lot of people have problems getting it to pair with SmartThings, but they usually get it to work after a few attempts.

The device comes with 5 sounds and they aren’t very loud, but you can make it a lot louder by creating your own mp3s.

You can create up to 100 mp3s and use almost any SmartApp to play them by track number.

The mp3s need to be about 20 seconds or less and you need to add about 200 milliseconds of silence to the end of them to prevent them from getting cutoff.

I have about 60 devices and this is still my favorite, but if I had another way to play custom messages, like a Sonos, I probably wouldn’t feel the same way.

I had mine for 2 weeks now and no problem

I have my button outside as DoorBell button (about 30ft away) and works every time, but you have to play with placement as the button is very picky, I tried the button on the wall in 3 or 4 places just 1" apart and 2 would work perfectly 2 would not work at all. Also as many have commented the button does NOT work if held in hand or not on hard surface

The speaker itself work great thanks to Kevin’s DTH, I’m using CoRE to send it [Play Track #] and have 30 or so different Mp3 files, most of them created with Ivona Text to Speech and Audacity

Getting the files in the correct order in the speaker drive is also somehow picky, the files will be referenced by file # depending on order they are copied to the drive (it works just like a USB drive that mounts on your PC) I suggest you number the files like “01 Doorbell” “02 Alarm” etc. and copy them that way. Also make sure you let the files finish copying and you eject the drive before unplugging, just like any other USB drive (I unplugged mine without ejecting first time and could not play any sound file!)

I modded all my Mp3 files in Audacity to be at top volume even with some clipping on peaks and although the speaker is not super loud its loud enough that I can hear it play anywhere I am in my home (granted is not a big home but 2 story and even with closed door on my room which is upstairs and doorbell downstairs its audible)

The only thing to consider is that this is not a text to speech device so any new sound you want to use you will have to create the Mp3 and upload to the Speaker, which is a hassle and limits what you can do (I wish you could send Alexa(Echo) a text to speech command!)


I have had great range with this doorbell. I’ve had it for a few months now.

The button is installed on the door frame. I can plug the bell unit into any outlet in my 2 story house (plus in the basement) and it works fine. Longest distance seems to be about 40 feet and 2 or 3 walls to transmit through.
The house is 2x6 construction, insulated, and vinyl siding. Nothing special there.
The door is an insulated steel door. It has vertical glass panes beside either side of the door. Not sure if this might allow the signal to more easily pass into the home or not.

In any case, it is working well for me.

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Kevin, this is working really good! I’m setting up my piston and I’m looking for a way to mute the doorbell while I’m in a mode. I tried the custom command mute, but it’s not working. I don’t see it’s supported from the first post. Is there a way to prevent the doorbell to play the file when the button is pushed in a specific mode?



I had some concerns about the mute feature so I didn’t implement it.

I’m pretty sure you can’t disable the doorbell based on mode using this DTH, but you can using my Aeon Labs Aeotec Doorbell DTH.

If you switch DTH, make sure you go into the device settings from the mobile app and press done, before trying to use the device.

With the other DTH, you can use the custom command “setDoorbellTrack” with a numeric parameter for the track number.

When you want the device to be silent, set the track number to either a track of silence or a track that doesn’t exist, track 100 is probably a good choice. When you want it to make noise again, set it back to your normal doorbell track number.

The other DTH, raises the “switch.on” event when the doorbell button is pressed so you could setup another piston that flashes a light or something when the doorbell is pressed while in one of the modes that disables the doorbell sound.

This won’t solve the problem of phantom rings because that’s a hardware problem. If you want to ensure that the device won’t make noise while in those modes, replace Track #1 with an mp3 that plays a few seconds of silence. You can find an mp3 like this in the first post of this topic.

@krlaframboise I am noticing that if I setup a piston to alert me when the doorbell button is pressed I still get fantom pushes of the button. I believe you asked us to place a blank audio file for the first track and although it solves the fandom ringing it does not stop the fake button press. Even just now as the device checks in the button shows that it gets pressed. Here is a screenshot of how it looks. Any suggestions?

The device sends the same command to the DTH when the device is powered on and the doorbell button is pushed so the DTH has no way of determining which event occurred.

The only difference between powering the device on and pressing the button is that when it’s powered on it always plays track 1 so by replacing that track you won’t hear the phantom rings, but it’s not possible to prevent them from happening.

Based on the order of the events in your screenshot, the battery level being reported is a result of it thinking the doorbell button was pressed and not the other way around so it’s unrelated to it checking in.

The strange thing is that I just looked through my activity log and in the last 7 days I’ve had at least 2 real pushes every day, no phantom pushes, and no battery levels reported so I’m not sure why yours is showing the battery level. What version of the DTH are you on?

How far is your doorbell from the button? Mine is mounted on an interior wall within 15’ with a direct line of sight so I’ve never had problems with phantom rings.

You could try moving the device closer to the button using an extension cord. It’s not a solution, but if the phantom rings stop, at least we’ll know what was causing them.

version 1.8.7 - the latest in git hub

about 10 feet away behind 1 wall

I will try this today and move the device within 4 feet from the button to see if it works.

Ok, so i got the doorbell working as an alert for open doors, and stuff with custom mp3s. Everything works, but is there a way i can use this as a siren when alarm is tripped? I put a mp3 on there that is a 4 second siren. Was hoping there was a way that the “siren” mp3 could be set to keep playing until disarm mode? Or do i have to make the siren mp3 something like 20 seconds long? There is an option for repeating the sound, but it just repeats every mp3 played on the device

I think you can change the repeat attribute using the other DTH and the SmartApp CoRE, but even when you use the repeat feature, the device won’t play for more than 20 seconds.

I recommend using an application like Audacity to repeat your mp3 so that it’s about 20 seconds long.

If you want it to stay on for more than 20 seconds, you can use a SmartApp like CoRE to restart the track every 15 seconds until the system is disarmed.

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Would love to, but just started using core and can’t figure out where the condition is to tell when the alarm is triggered. Just see the “changes to” options are armed away, armed stay, and disarm

SHM executes the siren’s “both” command when the alarm is triggered so I’d use that as one of the conditions and I’d use the SHM state as the other condition so that you can turn it off when the system gets disarmed.

Something like this should work:

Doorbell is both
Smart Home Monitor is not Disarmed
(when false)
Using Doorbell

Using Doorbell (Cancel on piston state change)
Wait 15 seconds
Strobe and Siren

Update: It turns out that this won’t actually work because of a previously reported flaw in CoRE that prevents the “both” command from being executed if it’s already set to “both”… @ady624

It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature ;)) I can disable it for certain capabilities, alarm being one?

There are multiple capabilities that share attributes so that can be an issue with a lot of capabilities. Mainly capabilities that have off and status, but that “feature” also prevents you from forcing the state if it’s not correct. SmartThings often shows that a device is in a specific state when it’s really not.

Can you make it a piston or action option so we can have complete control over that functionality?

@krlaframboise Just got another fake push and the speaker is very close to the button now

So your saying right now there is now way to do this? :frowning:

@ady624 just released a new version of CoRE that has a new option at the bottom of the piston for “Disable command optimizations”.

Enabling that option allows the both command to execute multiple times, but it turns out that this DTH also blocks overlapping tracks so you’ll have to use my other DTH for this product “Aeotec Doorbell”.

If you switch to that DTH and you enable that new option in CoRE, the piston code I previously posted should work. Mine only had one instance of wait and siren & strobe, but you’ll want to have multiple.

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Thank you I appreciate all the help. I did notice I couldn’t find the “using doorbell” command you had typed

When you add an Action, you have to select a device and CoRE displays the selected device like “using {device name}”