Aeon Lab Multi Sensor Gen 6 faulty low battery alert


I just got Aeon Lab Multi Sensor Gen 6, it using 2xCR123A battery and I installed new battery on it.
After using for a few day, i got low battery notification of 0% on device but it actually still 100%

After leave it for awhile it back to 100% again.

Anyone experience this?


My setup is two hubs: one at my primary residence, the other at a second home. Both have one Aeon Labs Mulit Sensor (Gen 6) configured.

At our primary home, the Multi Sensor is battery powered. Yes, I’ve seen erratic battery readings from time to time. Mostly, less than 90% (it reads 89% at present). Battery was fresh a couple of weeks ago.

At the second home, the Multi Sensor is powered via the USB port & a spare iPhone power dongle. It has stayed at a solid 100% since installation last December. Oddly, it does say, “100% Battery,” even though the status USB power is available, IIRC.

What really hurts is the ‘official’ ST device handler doesn’t have the setup for temperature & humidity offsets available in the Aeon Labs Multi Sensor. Since USB power enables several features of the device, they use more power & heat up – resulting in higher temperatures being reported. Mine runs about 7 degrees higher than ambient.

@slagle, are temperature & humidity offsets on the radar for a future release of ‘official’ Aeon Labs Multi Sensor (Gen 6) support? If not, it would be an ‘easy’ win for a number of us! (And, thanks again for the recent improvements!)