Aeon Home Energy Monitor - monitor both street power and generator?

I would like to monitor both the power I am using from the electric company, but also my usage when I have to flip over to my 10kW generator. I want the generator monitor so I can easily see how much generator capacity I am using at a given time, to avoid maxing it out and conserving precious gas (my town had been out for weeks at a time in the past!).

I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly how this monitor’s clamps connect to know if it would work for both. From what I can tell, one clamp needs to go on each of the legs of the incoming power, correct? My generator will feed in via a special breaker, protected by an interlock kit, attached to my generator, meaning when the generator is running the show, the main line in to the panel will not be energized, so the HEM connected to the main line will not get a reading.

Assuming I understand the clamp install setup correctly, I am thinking I have two options. Either a) I get a second HEM and install it on the lines feeding this generator breaker, having both meters connected to ST, or b) get an additional set of clamps, and manually switch which are hooked to the meter when I switch power. If I need a second monitor, I’m thinking of a v1 battery powered for that end - since it will only be used during the hopefully rare times I am on generator power, I am not worried about chewing through batteries, and it is also half the cost of the v2.

Does anyone know the differences between the v1 and v2? Are the clamps interchangeable?

Do I understand things correctly here, or am I way off?

I believe the clamps will work between two units as you described. However I would go with another meter to monitor the generator myself. As if you lose power at night you would have to make the exchange at that point when comfort might be critical.

Well, this is a portable generator, not a standby, so I have a lot of manual steps to take to switch over to generator power anyway. However, it is one more step to take, plus it might be cool to have the history segregated, rather than mixed.

Is the v2 HEM worth the extra 50 for the generator’s monitor? I’m not quite clear what more it gives, other than being able to be hardwired in to the panel.

I would go with the hem v1 for the generator. It should give you what you need to track.

Ok, thanks.

Out of curiosity, is there anywhere that even lays out exactly what the differences between v1 and v2 are? Usually manufacturers themselves will publish that, but maybe my Google kung fu is off, because I cannot find anything showing that info, and Aeon has been slow to respond to inquiries I have sent them.

I have the v2 and it reports Amps and voltage to the unit something the v1 model did not. It is also supposed to be more accurate according to Aeon Labs.